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The Rifles Regiment is a British Military Simulation unit in the ArmA III platform. We are based upon The Rifles Regiment of the British Army who are a light mechanised infantry unit, supported by the Foxhound Light Armored Vehicle.

We aim to provide a professional Military Simulation experience using real British Army training regimes tailored to the ArmA III platform, along with enforcing professional and responsible conduct. 

When you start your journey with The Rifles Regiment, you'll be provided with the basic necessary skills and training to fuction in a military environment, whether you are completely new to ArmA III or already have an understanding of the mechanics. After this, you will be able to specialise in a certain area that interests you.


Monthly Donations Goal

Here you can see how close we are to meeting our target for the month.

Total raised for November so far: £50.00

Monthly Donation Goal - £110


Most Recent Donators: Private J.Bowman, 2nd Lieutenant J.Birch and Rifleman B.Brown!
Thank you for your donations!


Interested in joining us?

The Rifles Regiment is currently recruiting. The only stipulations are that you are 16 years of age or above, you have a working microphone and a legitimate copy of ArmA III. If you're interested then register on the forums and submit an application. A staff member will get back to you within 48 hours.

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